Maya Long Count Available

Our Maya Long Count paid application (no ads!) is available in the Apple App Store. Click Continue Reading to learn more about the application.

You can download it from the App Store by clicking the button below!

Download from the App Store

Explore the past with our new application that lets you see dates as they would have been carved by the Maya. Track the calendar as the end of the current b’ak’tun comes to close on December 21st, 2012 and celebrate the new cycle’s beginning. And convert between dates in the Gregorian calendar and the Maya Long Count calendar.
Built exclusively for iPhone, Maya Long Count is a quick and easy way to accurately calculate and view the long count date and haab’ and tzolk’in sacred round values. The application allows you to see how dates would have been written by the Maya and convert between the current Gregorian and the Long Count calendars. It can show you any date from January 1st, 9999 BCE to December 31st, 9999 CE and let you convert from any date in the current Piktun cycle (from to


  • Supports iOS 4.2 (iPod Touch and iPhone 3G devices) and later
  • Convert any Gregorian date from January 1st, 9999 BCE to December 31st, 9999 CE
  • Convert any Long Count date within the current piktun
  • Select one of the 27 standard correlations for the calendar’s start
  • Default correlation using Goodman, Martinez, and Thompson (GMT)
  • Quickly add or subtract a day to see the changes
  • No connection required – works anywhere!
  • Hand-drawn calendar glyphs

Screen Shots

Maya Calendar Glyphs
Long Count and Sacred Round Date Page
Long Count to Gregorian Conversion
Convert from Long Count to Gregorian
Convert from Gregorian to Long Count
Select any date from 1/1/9999 BCE to 12/31/9999 CE


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